Indigenous communities forced to cede ground

Indigenous peoples are recognized and identified as distinct peoples in India through the constitution. Further, the indigenous tribal council is constitutionally recognized in India and there are specific state institutions established to deal with their rights and development. India is among the few countries where constitutional or statutory laws recognize indigenous peoples’ rights to land,… Read More Indigenous communities forced to cede ground

Farmers’ perception of hybrid rice in Jharkhand

A study by SPWD indicates that the use of hybrid seeds in rice raises concerns regarding the inputs required and their overall effect on human health, the soil and environment. The study titled ‘Effects of hybridisation on secondary characteristics of rice plants’ assesses the effects of rice hybridization, and its harmful effects on the quality… Read More Farmers’ perception of hybrid rice in Jharkhand

Grey water irrigation more profitable

Over the years the increasing population and urbanization has meant growing shortage of land for disposal of domestic grey water, indiscriminate cutting down of forests for biomass production and lesser availability of water irrigation. Indian researchers have found a one shot solution that can not only address all these three concerns but also generates more… Read More Grey water irrigation more profitable